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Rotation Control-Shaft Stand Still

The CRTP rotation control or speed control is used to detect the deceleration or standstill of a rotating shaft. The device monitors the time interval between two pulses detected by a sensor in mechanisms with rotary or rectilinear motion. If this time interval exceeds the one set, the device issues an alarm.
When suitably programmed, the CRTP can also monitor the standstill condition of the shaft and issue an alarm if it detects movement. The device can receive signals from inductive, capacitive and photoelectric sensors of various shapes and types.


Slodown Control Sensors

The slowdown control sensors CRT30 series are presented as an M30 threaded metal sensors with inductive detection and operate at distances of between 4 and 6 mm on metallic materials. They control the speed slowdown of a unit with rotary or linear motion switching their output state when the time between two pulses as detected by the sensor exceeds  below the time interval set on the sensor itself.They are used in applications such as conveyor belts, bucket elevators, crushers, grinders, pumps, mixers and other equipment where slowing down or stopping due to mechanical breakage or abnormal functioning needs to be controlled.


Overspeed Control Sensor

The overspeed control sensor CRT30A type is presented an M30 threaded metal sensor with inductive detection with intervention distances between 4 and 6 mm on metallic material. It is used to control the speed acceleration (overspeed) of a rotary or linear movement, verifying that the time detected by the sensor between two pulses does not become less than the one set due to an acceleration caused by a mechanical malfunction in equipment where it is necessary to check that the permissible speed is exceeded.