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Inductive Sensors

Inductive Sensors

The inductive sensors are electronic transducers that generate an output signal when a metal object (iron, aluminium, copper, brass, etc.) enters their sensitive area from any direction, without coming into contact with them.
The inductive proximity switches are available with the following physical characteristics:

- Cylindrical sensors with smooth housing, available with diameters of 4 mm and 6.5 mm  
- Cylindrical sensors with threaded housing and fixing rings, available with diameters of 5-8-12-18-30mm
- Rectangular sensors in various shapes and sizes
- Customised sensors, built according to customer specifications in terms of dimensions and electrical characteristics  

The electrical specifications include non-amplified Namur and 2, 3 and 4-wire amplified direct current sensors, and amplified, 2-wire alternating current sensors. All Aeco inductive sensors are available in connector or hard-wired versions. Consult the online PDF catalogue or search using the products selector.