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Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors

The Photoelectric Sensors are modulated light emission electronic transducers that generate an output signal when an object enters their range of operation.
Aeco Photoelectric Sensors are available in the following detection configurations:

- Direct reflection by the object to be detected (Type P)
- Reflection by reflector (Type R)
- Polarised reflection by reflector (Type AR)
- Barrier with separate Emitter + Receiver (Type B)

The range includes cylindrical M18, 50x50x18 mm rectangular and fork housings, as well as various types of fibre optic detectors with M3 and M6 housings that are used together with M18 threaded cylindrical amplifiers.
The electrical specifications include 4-wire amplified direct current sensors and three-wire amplified alternating current sensors. All Aeco photoelectric sensor models are available in hard-wired versions or with an M12 connector socket.
To select your product, consult the online PDF catalogue or search using the product selector.For the range of available Reflectors consult the 'PRODUCT INDEX' in the 'OTHER PRODUCTS' section.