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Magnetic Safety Sensors

The SMS36 and SMS88 magnetic sensor series, when matched with the corresponding AMS36 and AMS88 magnetic actuator series, constitute encoded safety devices suitable for the control and protection of machines protection guards and shelters with limited inertia. In respect of the requirements of EN ISO 14119, the magnetic actuator has to be fastened to the moving part of the guard, while the sensor is fitted to the fixed part. When the coded magnetic actuator and the sensor are located within the expected detection clearance (Door closed), the sensor recognises the actuator by activating its output contacts. The sensor can activate only in the presence of its matched coded magnetic actuator and not with any common magnetic actuator. 
The AECO magnetic safety sensors are supplied with an output cable or a port for an integrated or flying-lead M8 connector or for a flying-lead M12 connector. 


Safety Module

The safety module in the MS-ER MA R01 series is a logical block, with an integrated actuation unit, that can be used to implement electrical control systems associated with the functional safety of a machine. Typical applications are the control of Emergency Stop controls-Limit switches for mobile safety guards-Safety Sensors and Devices with solid-state outputs  such as photo-electric Safety Curtains (ESPE). By connecting these devices appropriately to the inputs of the safety module, 2-channel control systems with integrity levels up to SIL "3" may be implemented according to EN 62061 or IEC 62061, and with performance levels up to PL "e", according to EN ISO 13849-1. Single-channel circuits can also be implemented but with integrity levels up to SIL "1" and performance characteristics to PL "c" levels. The module is also equipped with a dedicated START input, which when appropriately configured, allows for the implementation of AUTOMATIC START or MANUAL START functions.